Dec 7, 2009

Traffic lights in Thiruvanthapuram

It has been a nice move from the part of TVM traffic police to have traffic lights in place at the intersect of Nanathancode - Museum Road.

The KELTRON traffic lights are bright and visible . But it lacks timers. Pattom junction traffic lights have timers. It saves a lot of fuel rather idling the vehicle.

The traffic police too can sigh a relief, as they don't need to stand in dust, sun and rain without any gears.

It is high time to have a traffic light at intersection of Kazhakttom Bypass and NH 47.

KELTRON too can improve their traffic light technology from timers to solenoid. Timers are old fashioned. Disadvantage of which is, even if their is no traffic in the green lane, red lane people have to wait.

Solenoid technology changes signal as per the traffic volume. These solenoids are buried at the start of each lane and working backwards to 3-4 cell areas. This gives a nice picture of traffic volume.