Dec 7, 2009

Plight of roads/traffic in Kerala

Pure drinking water is one of basic need of all living kind. JICA is one such agency that is helping Kerala to achieve pure drinking water to all. The pet name for this project is "Japan Kudivella Padhathi" (or Japan Drinking Water Project).

But in the name of laying pipes, they have made roads nothing but muddy puddle. Half the lane has vanished from NH 47 near Chavadimukku area. More pipes are heaped on the road side and moving towards Sreekaryam Junction. Already known for infamous traffic blocks over here, digging the roads will make matter worse. If the plight of NH47 is this, what can be said about the pocket roads of Thiruvananthapuram.

If I am right, the Medical College - Murijapalam road had been dug 3-4 months back to lay pipes. Same with the Arya Central School- Pattom Road and Pattom -Kowdiar Road. But still the road has not been restored.

These muddy puddles have been the death traps of two wheelers and night mare for pedestrians.

Public Works Department(PWD) is responsible for the road works in Kerala. If they are not, someone else. They will be based in Kerala, at the most. I am sure of that.

Why no poth holes in Raj Bhavan Road? Suppose, if President of India, needs a road travel in Kerala, those SLEEPING officials who can't repair the road in years, will repair the road in an overnight. How pity!

If they have the excuse for not having funds, which engineer/s sanctioned estimate of JICA project? Does he made estimates for laying pipes through air? Road reconstruction must had to be included in the estimate.

The pipes are being laid in city, according to some plans. So the road repairing officials too can come out with some plans to re-tar the spoiled roads at the earliest.

Or else, all city people will have the feel of the blood of innocent, when JICA pumps drinking water through it.