Jan 26, 2010

Saving Volvo bus

(This is in reply to post appeared in TVM Life:- http://tvmlife.com/saving-volvo/)

In democratic country, govt levy tax and use it for the welfare of poor and infrastructure development.

So, why are we skeptical for volvo to run within city premises. Start medium-long distance services connecting cities. This will make profit. Then, they can start city services.

Onida ad dialogue-"Envy of neighbours". Make morning/evening shifts of volvo (towards TVM city) just for school students (St Marys, Pattom GHS, SMV, Manacaud, Poly etc). But they have concession, how do volvo benefit?

KSRTC is not just about volvo. They have other buses too.

Here comes the case of infrastructure utilization by bringing more volume (Virgin mobile setup). What matters is ppl ride in KSRTC.
Since regular buses have rush, ppl use self owned vehicles. No one to blame.

When school children move to volvo (Capacity of volvo is higher than regular bus), other city bus can be accessed by others.

Increasing more bus to volvo fleet invites more loss. Better business model is "Make people ask for more volvo. We too need to travel in AC buses". This will bring profit to KSTRC.

This is similar to Apple or Microsoft supporting college students. Once they graduate, they will be well versed in what they do in college and on job they will ask for Apple or Microsoft as the case may be.